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The Mono-logue » Blog Archive » New gallery show & opening: Following Water — A painting journey through the Sierra by Erika Perloff

New gallery show & opening: Following Water — A painting journey through the Sierra by Erika Perloff

August 9th, 2016 by Lily, Information Center & Bookstore Manager
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Painter and California native Erika Perloff will be showing her art in the Mono Lake Committee gallery starting August 13.

Moonrise, Mono Lake

Moonrise, Mono Lake by Erika Perloff will be on display at the Mono Lake Committee Gallery starting August 13.

Erika grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she was inspired to paint by the beautiful landscapes and the bustling art scene of the city. Throughout her life, she has developed a knowledge and love of nature through her work as park ranger, naturalist, and outdoor educator. Erika’s artwork demonstrates her understanding of the landscapes she paints while showing her distinctive artistic style. She practices plein air painting—which takes her to striking and rarely featured painting sites, and her new show highlighting the Eastern Sierra promises to be as beautiful and unique as the region itself.

I hope you’ll join us in welcoming Erika and her work to the Mono Lake Committee Gallery on Saturday, August 13 from 5:00–7:00pm. Stop in, enjoy a drink and live music by the Idle Hands Trio, and, of course, take in the lovely artwork and meet the artist.

Feel free to contact Lily for more information at (760) 647-6595.

Rain Curtain copy

Rain Curtain by Erika Perloff. Meet Erika and see more of her work on Friday, August 13 from 5:00–7:00pm.

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5 Responses to “New gallery show & opening: Following Water — A painting journey through the Sierra by Erika Perloff”

  1. avatar Dan Zimmermann Says:

    Erika, Nice work! Like your use of color. Hopefully I can see them in person some day but right now I am on the other coast…roasting in Pennsylvania! Dan

  2. avatar Sarah Rabkin Says:

    Hi Erika–We’ll be in Lee Vining & environs September 12-16—if your show is still up then, we’ll be sure to see it! Sorry we missed the opening.

  3. avatar Elin, Communications Coordinator Says:

    Hi Sarah, Erika’s show will be up through February 2017, so you’ll definitely be able to see it in September!

  4. avatar Sarah Rabkin Says:

    Great–glad to hear it. Thanks.

  5. avatar Sue Carlisle Says:

    Erika: Stunning paintings. Sorry I missed seeing them When I was there. (Are you Dorothy and Phil’s daughter?)