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There are many ways to take action for Mono Lake.

From writing letters and attending and speaking at public meetings to sharing information on social media, our collective action makes a difference.

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Ongoing campaign: #savethetufa

Symbol of a red slash to cross out an image people climbing on and collecting tufa rock.

Tufa is one of Mono Lake’s most iconic and popular features. 

Unfortunately, people often climb on, stand on, and otherwise (knowingly or unknowingly) damage the tufa. Not only does damaging tufa negatively impact Mono Lake’s scenic value and fragile ecosystem, but it is also illegal under California State Park regulations.

When you visit Mono Lake you can help save the tufa by enjoying and taking photos of the spectacular formations from the ground, rather than standing or climbing on them. Also, make sure others in your group know to be careful around the fragile tufa. Share your responsibly-taken tufa photos with the hashtag #savethetufa to encourage others to take care of the tufa too.

> Read more about the #savethetufa campaign

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Top photo by Robert Di Paolo.