Small rocky tufa pieces are scattered across a beach and in the blue water, which reflects a clear sky.

Mono Lake Moment: A trip to Old Marina

In today’s Mono Lake Moment we take a trip to Old Marina. The lake is a glass mirror, the mud is squelchy and crunchy, and a few Ruddy Ducks paddle by on this perfectly calm fall day.

Sir Patrick Stewart read a sonnet down here this summer, to which we replied, “Fear not Patrick Stewart, those alkali flies don’t bite! Thank you for gracing the shores of Mono Lake with #ASonnetADay yesterday. Does a better combination exist? —Your friends and fans at Mono Lake”. As you can see in his video from July 6, the lake was quite a bit higher then. In fact, it has dropped 1.3 feet since July 1.

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Top image by Nora Livingston.