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Snow covered trees against a clear blue sky.

Mono Lake Moment: New snow on trees

Today’s Mono Lake Moment shows off last night’s fresh snow stuck to the thin branches of the trees in town, creating a new winter wonderland look. These extra two and a half inches helped to refresh the sparkle and freshness…
The islands on Mono Lake and surrounding mountains are covered in snow, and the still water reflects the light blue and cloudy sky above.

Blue skies after the storm

Special times make for special Mono Lake Moments! After the storm ended, the sun came out and I got out and captured what I could of the Mono Basin while the snow was still fresh and pristine. This storm and…
Snowy tufa towers jut out from the rippling green lake water with the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range behind them.

Keep Saving Mono Lake

Your support helps keep Mono Lake on the rise, its tributary streams flowing, and its surrounding lands protected season after season. Thank you for being a part of protecting this special place. As we near the end of 2020 we would…