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QCD? IRA? RMD? Charitable IRA rollover donations

Sunday, December 16th, 2018 by Anna, Philanthropy Director

If these acronyms don’t look like a jumble of alphabet soup, then this post is for you! We have recently had several members call with questions about making donations directly from an IRA to support the Mono Lake Committee. Here is a little more information if this is something that interests you.

The charitable IRA rollover, or qualified charitable distribution (QCD), is a special provision allowing particular donors of age 70½ or older to exclude from taxable income—and count toward their required minimum distribution (RMD)—certain transfers of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets that are made directly to public charities, including the Mono Lake Committee.

Since it was first made available in the tax year 2006, many donors have used this option to support charities of their choice with tax-wise gifts ranging from $100 to $100,000.

If you would like more information about making a gift to the Mono Lake Committee from your IRA, please email me or give me a call at (760) 647-6595 x112.

Double your gift to Mono Lake this Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 by Andrew, Digital Engagement Coordinator

In celebration of the Mono Lake Committee’s 40th anniversary, this year for Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise $4,000 to jump start the next 40 years of our work at Mono Lake.

Beginning today, until midnight on Giving Tuesday (November 27), all donations will be matched, dollar for dollar. With your support, we can do more to ensure the protection of this unique place for future generations.

Here’s how you can help: (more…)

This year, for Giving Tuesday at Mono Lake …

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 by Arya, Communications Director

… we wanted to send out a happy snapshot and a quote from the writings of Mono Lake Committee Co-founder David Gaines.

Mono Lake can teach us to listen, to watch, to live quietly, to see the world anew. -- David Gaines

button donate wide

Totally honestly, we’re a bit on the fence about Giving Tuesday ourselves. Is it just hype? Another bit of chaos to add to the holiday season? Does it do any good? What we’re not on the fence about is sharing our love for this place and the Mono Lake Committee members who make the work to protect and restore it possible, every day. So, we’ll go with that, and the simple reminder that we’re out here feeling thankful for your support, in all the beautiful ways you choose to show it. And, as always, we’re sending you best wishes from Mono Lake. #givingtuesday

Online shopping supports the Mono Lake Committee

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 by Mono Lake Committee Staff

This post was written by Lynette Villagomez, 2013 Project Specialist.

We know it isn’t always possible to make direct monetary contributions to non-profits like the Mono Lake Committee, but by simply purchasing things you normally would through these links you can turn your online shopping into online giving.

By searching for items through GoodSearch, or buying through websites like Amazon, GoodShop, or GoodDining, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Committee. You can also (more…)

Old spotting scopes wanted!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist
The Mono Lake Volunteer program needs spotting scopes to help the public view the birds of the lake, and also to monitor the Osprey nests on the tufa towers for research purposes. Old, used scopes are best, since they will get a lot of wear and tear. We especially need heavy-duty tripods that can stand up to high winds and lots of toting around. Your donation will help Mono Lake and your old scope will have a second life!

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Janet Carle for more information or to donate a scope or tripod.

If you have an old spotting scope you're not using, consider donating it to the Mono Lake Volunteer Program. Photo by Arya Degenhardt.

If you have an old spotting scope you're not using, consider donating it to the Mono Lake Volunteer Program. Photo by Arya Degenhardt.

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