Sunrise light on a grove of tufa towers emerging from the water of Mono Lake with soft green and dusty-red wild grasses in the foreground, Canada geese in the shallow water with reflections of the rocky towers, and desert hills in the distance.

Tioga Pass will open tomorrow, Friday, May 2 at noon

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: Tioga Pass will open tomorrow, Friday, May 2 at noon!

From the Yosemite National Park press release:

“Due to a light snowpack this past winter (approximately 30% of normal), the Tioga Road was cleared of snow early into the season. Snow and icy conditions may still exist on hiking trails at the higher elevations. Visitors are urged to be prepared for snowy conditions and possible treacherous stream crossings while hiking the backcountry in the early season.

“Limited visitor services will be available over the next several weeks. All campgrounds along the Tioga Road are closed. All commercial services, including the gas station, store, and village grill, are also closed. There are no anticipated opening dates for any of these facilities.”

If you’re curious, here’s a list of the Tioga Pass opening dates, starting in 1933. This year will be the third-earliest opening dates after 1977 (April 8 ) and 1976 (April 10).


  1. would like to know when the road to saddlebag lake is to open. thanks.

    Regards, bob jarrett