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Birds and Other Wildlife Sightings



jay crew and williamson's sapsucker paul & dave 28 Dec 2008
On the Second Day of Christmas...562 Tundra Swans Bartshe Miller 27 Dec 2008 (IMAGES)
Black Rosy-Finch in Mono County Jon Dunn fide Heindel 17 Dec 2008
Yellow-rumped Warbler in Lee Vining Justin 12 Dec 2008
MORE Am. White Pelicans Bartshe 11 Dec 2008
American White Pelicans MLC staff 10 Dec 2008
Barn Swallow and Western Meadowlark Justin and Leigh 09 Dec 2008
Short-eared Owl's at Owl Meadows Brian Scavone fide Justin 07 Dec 2008
Rough-legged Hawk at County Ponds Justin Hite 02 Dec 2008
Rough-legged Hawk, Crossbills at Indiana Summit Justin, Paul, Yvette and Solomon 30 Nov 2008
Slate-colored Junco, Scoters Justin and Paul 28 Nov 2008
possible Turtle Dove in LV Justin Hite 25 Nov 2008
Western Screech Owl in LV, 9pm 11/24 Justin Hite 25 Nov 2008
Rough-legged Hawk at Bodie Peak Justin Hite 24 Nov 2008
Canyon Wren Kelly Miller 21 Nov 2008
Lapland Longspur at County Ponds Justin Hite 17 Nov 2008
Prickly Pear Cactus in the Mono Basin! Justin Hite 17 Nov 2008
Mono Basin birds Justin and 11 others 16 Nov 2008
Hybrid Gull, Scoters continue at Grant Justin Hite 14 Nov 2008
2 Crows in Lee Vining Justin Hite 10 Nov 2008
3 Herring Gulls at Rush Delta Justin Hite 10 Nov 2008
White-winged Scoter, Surf Scoter, 9 Hooded Mergs, and juv Herring Gull at Grant Lake Justin Hite 09 Nov 2008
Western Bluebirds, Hooded Merganser at Mono Lake Justin Hite 04 Nov 2008
Cedar waxwings arrive in town! MLC staff 03 Nov 2008
American Crows, Cackling Geese Justin, Duncan and Ellen 26 Oct 2008
Wilson's Phalarope and Burrowing Owl Justin Hite 25 Oct 2008
Red-necked Phalarope at Rush delta Justin Hite 25 Oct 2008
County Park Ryan, Janet, George, and Nancy 21 Oct 2008
Northern Mockingbird near Mono City Ryan Carle 20 Oct 2008
Burrowing Owl near South Tufa 10/19 Justin Hite 20 Oct 2008
Swamp Sparrow, Pectoral, Baird's and Sabine's Justin Hite 16 Oct 2008
Wood Duck at Dechambeau Ponds Ryan and Janet Carle 14 Oct 2008
White-throated Sparrow and Sabine's Gulls continue Justin, Ryan and Vireo 14 Oct 2008 (IMAGE)
White-throated Sparrow, Sabine's Gulls, and Bald Eagle Justin Hite 13 Oct 2008
Greater White-Fronted Geese at county park Ryan Carle 12 Oct 2008
Ferruginous Hawk, Dunin, Baird's and Semipalm Plover on north shore Justin Hite 12 Oct 2008
Mt Bluebirds and Barn Swallows at South Tufa Bartshe 11 Oct 2008
Eared Grebes flying through the snow Justin Hite 10 Oct 2008
Black-backed and White-headed Woodpeckers in June Fire Justin and Leigh 07 Oct 2008
Potato bugs Greg Reis 06 Oct 2008
Sabine's and Hummers and Lincoln's Sparrows, Oh My! Mono Basin birders 04 Oct 2008
Monarchs in the basin Justin Hite 01 Oct 2008
Barn Owl and White-tailed Jackrabbit at Conway Summit 9/30 Justin Hite 01 Oct 2008
Pectoral Sandpiper on 9/26 at South Tufa 4 birders fide Justin 28 Sep 2008
10 Sabine's Gulls at Mono Lake Justin Hite 27 Sep 2008 (IMAGE)
Sabine's Gull at black point shoals Ryan Carle 26 Sep 2008
3 Pectoral Sandpipers and a vivid day Justin Hite 25 Sep 2008 (IMAGE)
Clarke's Nucrackers and Sabine's Gull Justin Hite, Nancy Devon, George Appel 24 Sep 2008
juv Sabine's Gull - County Park Boardwalk Lizzie Fox 22 Sep 2008
4 Caspian Terns fly over Lee Vining at 9pm Justin Hite 20 Sep 2008
Jeager and Bonaparte's Gull at Lee Vining Delta Ryan Carle 18 Sep 2008
Cassin's Finch, not a Purple Finch, seen this morning Justin 18 Sep 2008
red shouldered hawks at county park Ryan Carle 18 Sep 2008
American Redstart at Rush Creek Justin Hite 18 Sep 2008 (IMAGE)
Germans Nick 18 Sep 2008
Lark Sparrow, Ring-necked Duck, Redhead at LV delta Justin Hite 17 Sep 2008
6 Sabine's Gulls at Rush delta, Jaeger continues Justin Hite 17 Sep 2008 (IMAGES)
Solitary Sandpiper at Rush, Jaeger and Sabine's continue Justin Hite 16 Sep 2008
swallows and sparrows at the ponds Ryan Carle 15 Sep 2008
Parastic Jaeger at Rush Delta Justin Hite 15 Sep 2008 (IMAGES)
2 Sabine's Gulls at LV delta Justin Hite 14 Sep 2008
Phalaropes say Hello from Point Reyes Nora Livingston 12 Sep 2008
8 Sanderling, 3 Bairds, 1 Sabine's Gull along south shore Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley 09 Sep 2008 (IMAGE)
pinyon jays at Wilson Creek road crossing Janet Carle 09 Sep 2008
White-winged Dove at the Lake View Lodge in Lee Vining Bob and Renna, fide Justin 08 Sep 2008
Bobolink at Rush Creek Delta Justin Hite 08 Sep 2008
Audubon's Warblers and Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows in the basin Justin Hite 05 Sep 2008
Long-tailed Jaeger at Rush Creek Delta...RIP Justin, Stella, and Santiago 05 Sep 2008 (IMAGE)
Baird's Sandpiper and 8 Dabblers at Rush Delta Justin Hite 03 Sep 2008 (IMAGES)
Cedar Waxwings and Wilson's Warbler in Lee Vining Justin Hite 03 Sep 2008
semipalmated plovers at county park janet carle 02 Sep 2008
Sabine's Gull and Hurricane Gustav at the DWP Dock Justin Hite 01 Sep 2008 (IMAGES)
Where are the Scrub Jays? Justin Hite 28 Aug 2008
2008 Mono Lake Fall Shorebird Count results the bird counting crew 28 Aug 2008
possible SESA River Gates 20 Aug 2008
juvenile Black-throated Sparrow continues on Rush Creek Justin Hite and Chris McCreedy 18 Aug 2008
tens of thousands of phalaropes love Mono Lake (Saturday) Greg Reis 18 Aug 2008
ibises and long-billed curlews ryan carle 12 Aug 2008
2 Baird's Sandpipers, 2 Sanderling at Sammann's Spring Justin Hite 10 Aug 2008 (IMAGES)
2 Sage Grouse and White-tailed Jackrabbit, Warren Bench Justin and Nancy 09 Aug 2008
Black Phoebe and Coyote Nora Livingston 06 Aug 2008
white-faced ibises and spadefoot toads ryan carle 05 Aug 2008
Osprey Saga Nora 05 Aug 2008
Possible Semipalmated Sandpiper at County Park Boardwalk Justin Hite 05 Aug 2008 (IMAGES)
Osprey Fledglings Nora Livingston 04 Aug 2008 (IMAGES)
Juvenile Dipper on lower Mill Creek Justin, Nora, Lara and the YCC Crew 04 Aug 2008
Dispersing Flycatchers Chris McCreedy 01 Aug 2008 (IMAGES)
Semipalmated Sandpiper and Ruddy Turnstone at Rush Creek Delta Justin Hite and Leigh Bernachi 31 Jul 2008 (IMAGE)
2 Black and 1 Forster's Terns at Rush delta Justin, Ryan, Jake and Ian 28 Jul 2008
Gray Catbird stuck at Rush Chris McCreedy 21 Jul 2008
7th Annual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua Sightings Chautauqua Partners 19 Jul 2008
Phalaropes and Foxtails Justin Hite 18 Jul 2008
Black and Gray on Rush today Chris McCreedy 17 Jul 2008
County Park birds Greg Reis 13 Jul 2008
eastshore birding Justin Hite 13 Jul 2008
Long-eared Owl on the warpath (IMAGES) Chris McCreedy 10 Jul 2008
Virginia's Warbler at Rush Ch 09 Jul 2008
Black-and-white Warbler on Rush Chris McCreedy 08 Jul 2008
Brown-eyed Vireo on Rush Chris McCreedy 07 Jul 2008
California Gulls catching cicadas on the wing Justin Hite and Jim Penz 07 Jul 2008
Rush Delta birds Justin Hite 03 Jul 2008
Black-backed Woodpecker Black-backed Woodpecker on Bald Mountain Road 30 Jun 2008
Bank Swallow at DeChambeau Ponds Justin Hite 28 Jun 2008
Hooded Warbler singing on Rush Creek Chris McCreedy 16 Jun 2008
Bobcat at Rancheria Gulch Colin Woolley 15 Jun 2008
black backed woodpecker and lazuli buntings Ryan Carle 09 Jun 2008
mono basin sightings Breck Tyler 06 Jun 2008
bonaparte's gulls and redheads june 1st ryan carle 02 Jun 2008
nesting virginia rails at dechambeau ponds ryan and janet carle 19 May 2008
White-Faced Ibis Tim Bue 16 May 2008
Black-chinned Hummingbirds B.Miller 03 May 2008
Lark Sparrows on April 30 at Old Marina B.Miller 03 May 2008
Bald Eagle at Old Marina staff 26 Apr 2008
Loons in breeding plumage off County Park George Appel 25 Apr 2008
Mink in Lee Vining Creek Greg Reis and Lisa Cutting 18 Apr 2008
Butterflies in Mammoth Michaela 08 Apr 2008
Butterflies Greg Reis 02 Apr 2008
Paul's Painted Ladies Chris McCreedy 27 Mar 2008
spring butterflies paul 24 Mar 2008
A.White Pelican Logan Parsons 21 Mar 2008
Black Phoebe & Dippers Staff 14 Mar 2008
Wolverine photographed near Truckee MLC Staff 10 Mar 2008 (IMAGE)
Leap Day Turkey Vultures Staff 29 Feb 2008
A January Gull in Lee Vining Greg Reis and Erika Obedzinski 24 Jan 2008 (IMAGE)
Re: A January Gull in Lee Vining Chris McCreedy 27 Jan 2008
Re: A January Gull in Lee Vining Ben Winger 28 Jan 2008
29th Mono Basin CBC results Kristie Nelson, from Chris 11 Jan 2008
Tundra Swans Gene and Trudy Heiman 29 Dec 2007
count week birds Chris McCreedy 23 Dec 2007
Sharp-shinned in town, Tundra Swans on Lake MLC Staff 07 Dec 2007
MONO CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT DEC. 22, 2007 staff 14 Nov 2007
Mono Lake County Park at the third Chris McCreedy and George Appel 03 Nov 2007
Townsend's Warbler paul mcfarland 23 Oct 2007
More bears Greg Reis 17 Oct 2007 (IMAGES)
Re: More bears Greg Reis 23 Oct 2007
3 bears eating garbage from Nicely's dumpster Greg Reis 16 Oct 2007
A vivid day in the Mono Basin (29 Sep 2007) Chris McCreedy 30 Sep 2007 (IMAGES)
Hutton's Vireo at County Park Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley 26 Sep 2007
Merlin and Golden-crowned Sparrow at County Park Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley 24 Sep 2007
Steve fossett airman search do you have records or animal sightings from Sept 3rd that might help? George Watson 24 Sep 2007
Another bear in Lee Vining Greg Reis 24 Sep 2007 (IMAGE)
Northern Waterthrush chased by Sora at Rush Creek Delta Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley 24 Sep 2007
Willow Flycatcher and Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows on Rush Creek Chris McCreedy 18 Sep 2007
An accipiter, on the one hand, and what an accipiter thinks about, on the other Chris McCreedy 23 Aug 2007
Sammon's Springs 8/18 Justin Hite, Paul McFarland, Chris McCreedy, Chris Tonra 20 Aug 2007
Black Point Birds Chris McCreedy, Justin Hite, and Paul McFarland 20 Aug 2007
American Redstart at County Park staff 19 Aug 2007
Virginia's Warbler at County Park MLC Staff 10 Aug 2007
Bear hit by car near Shrimp Plant MLC Staff 30 Jul 2007
Re: Bear in Lee Vining MLC Staff 07 Aug 2007
Re: Bears in Lee Vining and Mono City MLC Staff 02 Aug 2007
Re: Bears MLC Staff 09 Sep 2007
Long-tailed Weasel at County Park Lee Ekland 24 Jul 2007 (IMAGE)
Phalaropes: 15-20K at County Park Staff 06 Jul 2007
black point marsh/ county ponds Ryan Carle 28 Jun 2007
Summer Tanager Andrew Lowd 26 Jun 2007 (IMAGE)
Loon, Ibis, and others Ryan Carle 22 Jun 2007
Western Kingbird at Lee Vining Creek Delta Ryan Carle 19 Jun 2007
Costa's Hummingbird male staff 02 Jun 2007
6 Clark's Grebes, 1 Red-necked Phalarope and 3 Black Terns Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley 31 May 2007
Franklin's Gulls staff 25 May 2007
Red-throated Pipit Kristie Nelson 04 May 2007
Franklin's Gull and more at Rush Creek Delta Justin Hite and David Winkler 30 Apr 2007
Franklin's Gull on April 27 D.Winkler, J.Hite 29 Apr 2007 (IMAGE)
Lark Sparrow on April 21 staff 22 Apr 2007
Rufous Hummingbird on April 20 staff 22 Apr 2007
Rush Creek Greg Reis 06 Apr 2007
Has anyone ever seen Flamingos at Mono Lake? 31 Mar 2007
Re: Has anyone ever seen Flamingos at Mono Lake? Staff 31 Mar 2007
Canyon Wrens in LV Canyon and OC Warbler in Mammoth on 3/19 Bartshe Miller 22 Mar 2007
California Gulls; Canyon Wren; butterflies Greg Reis 18 Mar 2007
VG Swallows, W.Meadowlarks, Yellow-headed Black birds Staff 16 Mar 2007
Tough little bird Larry Arbanas 22 Jan 2007
Re: Tough little bird Joanne Sears 25 Apr 2007
Sammon Spring cmcreedy at prbo dot org 15 Jan 2007


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