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Track our remodel progress with the new webcam

April 25th, 2012 by Elin, Communications Coordinator
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Today the Remodel Cam captured the feet of Roy from Escoto Construction & Design ... much more to come!

Check out the Mono Lake Committee’s newest, temporary webcam: the Remodel Cam! Greg installed it just inside the front doors today, and it’s pointing out toward the street to bring you glimpses of our exciting remodel project.

This camera will be on most of the time from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the project. We may move the camera around to show different views, and we may need to unplug it if someone needs to use the internet in the bookstore. Also, inclement weather delays the remodel, so if you see snow or rain in the camera, you probably won’t see anyone working.

Keep checking to see the ADA-accessible lift installed, the granite boulders stabilized, and the new deck materialize … plus much more. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

5 Responses to “Track our remodel progress with the new webcam”

  1. avatar Bill Crum Says:

    Hello, Elin. Your new webcam is fun, and will provide an interesting visual history of the work progress.

    As A Mono Lake Committee donor, I’m interested in knowing what the total project budget for the new storefront is projected to be, including design, permitting and construction. I think many Mono Lake supporters would be interested in a comprehensive walkthrough of this budget in a future Mono-Logue. Thanks!

  2. avatar Elin, Communications Coordinator Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Glad you like the webcam! It should be fun to keep track of the project through it.

    We have a total project budget of $200,000, much of which was earmarked in a generous bequest from longtime Committee member Grace deLaet, who passed away in 2008. However, as you know, projects like these always accrue more costs along the way. Once the project is done and we know what we spent we’ll definitely post the budget on the Mono-logue.

    Thanks, Elin

  3. avatar Geoff, Executive Director Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Elin’s got it right on the funding. We are extremely grateful to Grace de Laet for providing the dollars to make this project happen. It’s going to go a long way toward her commendable vision—and direction to us—of exciting new visitors, especially younger folks, about Mono Lake and its wildlife.

    As is often the case for nonprofit organizations, her special funding for the project is not connected to our annual operating budget. That means we’ll be working with members, as always, to fund and accomplish all the Committee’s regular protection, restoration, education, and science programs. Happily we’ll be carrying that work forward within a much more attractive Lee Vining headquarters.

  4. avatar Larry Says:

    The remodel, while pricey, will be a huge help The front of the the building was getting very tired. The paint job was a great start, and all the construction will make for a much for inviting and attractive place for people to come.
    Understanding that the weather is the Eastern Sierra is always variable, what is the current estimated completion date for the project?

  5. avatar Elin, Communications Coordinator Says:

    Hi Larry … At the moment we expect the project to be finished in the last week of June. But it’s true, unexpected things like weather and the inevitable construction delays may push that date back. It may be possible to open up parts of the front as they’re finished; for example, opening up access to the new stairs while the crew keeps working on the shade structure farther toward Third Street.