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Atmospheric river brings approximately six inches of water to Mono Lake so far | The Mono-logue

Atmospheric river brings approximately six inches of water to Mono Lake so far

January 10th, 2017 by Elin, Communications Coordinator
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Mono Lake Committee hydrologists estimate that the series of atmospheric river storms we’ve been experiencing over the last week has brought enough water to the Mono Basin to raise Mono Lake by six inches.


Committee Executive Director Geoff McQuilkin at the shore of a rising Mono Lake. Photo courtesy of Brian van der Brug, Los Angeles Times.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, this lake level rise is very good news for the Mono Lake ecosystem, and it also means that some water will flow south to Los Angeles in 2017. Before these storms, the lake was low enough that it was looking likely that no water exports would be allowed.

As Committee Executive Director Geoff McQuilkin says in today’s LA Times video, “This event is going to keep the lake protected and it’s going to keep that water flowing to the city.” Thanks, atmospheric river—that’s a win-win!

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6 Responses to “Atmospheric river brings approximately six inches of water to Mono Lake so far”

  1. avatar Janis Portal Says:

    Great news! Thank you to the storms! We are enjoying them, too
    in San Francisco.


  2. avatar Noel Park Says:

    Awesome! I’m hoping that it continues. It’s still showering here in Rancho Palos Verde’s. My native plant garden looks the best it has in years.

  3. avatar Elin, Communications Coordinator Says:

    Hooray for precipitation all over the state, Janis and Noel–we hope it continues too. Ten points for your native plant garden, Noel!

  4. avatar AllieX Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have been wondering how ‘life’ is in Lee Vining with all of this weather – and after seeing the cover of the LA Times showing the CHP officer throwing up his arms at his vehicle being suck in the snow.

    That is SO much water for Mono Lake. Hooray for the good news. Can’t wait to see it and you all as soon as possible.

  5. avatar Elin, Communications Coordinator Says:

    That was quite the photo, wasn’t it? Life has been really snowy–we’re loving all the water for Mono Lake. Hopefully when the snow clears you can get here for a visit!

  6. avatar James Powell P.E. Says:

    Dear Mono:

    Thanks to the many storms from both south and north mono is finally getting the much needed water that has been absent for almost 10 years! Yea! Finally some wonderful water for the beautiful lake!
    Kind regards,

    James 57 years in California!

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