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The Mono-logue » Blog Archive » Mono Basin snowpack is 200% of average for February 1

Mono Basin snowpack is 200% of average for February 1

February 5th, 2017 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist
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February 1 snow surveys conducted over the past week revealed an approximately 200% of average snow water content in the Mono Basin. This puts the April 1 average at just over 120%.

Outlook for April 1, 2017 peak snowpack at the Mono Basin's five snow courses based on February 1 snow surveys and historic data.

The current outlook for April 1, 2017 peak snowpack at the Mono Basin’s five snow courses based on February 1 snow surveys and historic data. Graph by Greg Reis.

It is still early in the season, but even with a dry February and March, it will be an above-average year, and with an average end to the season it will be a wet year. With a wet February and March, new April 1 records could be set!


7 Responses to “Mono Basin snowpack is 200% of average for February 1”

  1. avatar Audie Says:

    I am really glad to hear about it!

    Please post pictures as the water level rises. I was there in 1989. A magical place.

    Thank You,

  2. avatar Sandy Berger Says:

    Visited Mono last June. Loved it. We were fortunate to get there during a summer between good snowfalls. Yosemite falls were flowing well, and the tufa at Mono was fantastic. Will there be less Tufa showing this year, and will Tioga Pass be closed longer? We were fortunate indeed.
    We appreciate all of you and your hard work that protects Mono.
    Long Live Mono.

  3. avatar Barbara Herrgesell Says:

    So very glad to hear this good news!! I had been concerned too in past years.

  4. avatar Allan A. Schoenherras Says:

    This year’s abundant precipitation is a wonderful gift, but let us not become complacent a fall back to water-wasting ways.

  5. avatar Jan Charvat Says:

    I live in San Diego, but follow all your news and visit every couple of years or so, often with out-of-state/country friends! Happy to see all the water California and Mono Lake are getting this winter. Thank you for all the great work you are doing to save and restore this wonderful place!

  6. avatar Jackie Says:

    Such wonderful news! I have been watching with interest this year as California has had more rain. I first visited from the UK in 1989 and then revisited in 2013 when I became a supporter. Thank you for all the work you do and your long battle with the DWP. Let’s hope it doesn’t make people complacent.

  7. avatar Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist Says:

    Hi Sandy – yes, Tioga Pass will be closed longer, although based on similar years it is likely to be open by July 4th. And with a 1-2 foot rise in Mono Lake, 1-2 feet of tufa would return to the water, where it provides habitat and can grow and is protected from erosion–and is still visible on canoe tours!