Hoar frost clings to pine needles on a branch that holds a now open cone.


Wind, waves, and foam at Mono Lake

Wind, waves, and foam Have you ever visited Mono Lake on a windy evening and witnessed waves breaking on the shore? In early August, I took a walk at South Tufa during a particularly windy evening and felt almost transported…
A person stands on a wooden boardwalk holding a laptop in front of a tripod holding a cell phone, in the background is a marsh, lakeshore, and blue skies.

Mono Lake virtual tours available to schedule

Spring is arriving in the Mono Basin, yet school groups who usually visit to learn about Mono Lake continue to learn from home. Last year at this time, the Mono Lake Committee’s education team quickly pivoted to offering virtual tours…
Mono Lake water reflects the blue sky, and water it frozen in bumpy puddles on top of the tufa beach. Tufa towers loom in the background.

Mono Lake Moment: Lakeside bliss

Today’s Mono Lake Moment is a quiet, blissful, yet cold meditation by the lake. The green hue in the lake is its winter coat of algae, and the frozen areas directly in front of the camera are freshwater spring puddles—the…