Happy Save Mono Lake Day!

September 28, 2022, marks the 28th anniversary of the State Water Resource Control Board’s Decision 1631, which set forth requirements for the sustainable protection of Mono Lake and its tributary streams and wetlands for future generations.

Decision 1631 is widely celebrated as the decision to Save Mono Lake. However, Mono Lake has not yet recovered as planned, having risen only 25% of the way to the management level of 6392 feet above sea level. Along with the ongoing drought, the level of Mono Lake has been affected by continued water export to the City of Los Angeles, and the present-day low lake level causes ecosystem impairment, air quality violations, and cultural resource impacts.

Decision 1631 represents a commitment to a future in which lakes and streams and cities and wildlife and people all have an opportunity to thrive. The Mono Lake Committee is dedicated to seeing the spirit and details of this inspiring decision become reality for Mono Lake.

The State Water Resources Control Board hearings about Mono Lake took 43 days and ended on September 28, 1994. Mono Lake Committee archive photo.

“When the lake was sinking toward its nadir, only a few people paid close attention. As it rises, the world will be watching.”

—John Hart, Storm Over Mono

You can watch the announcement of D1631 at the State Capitol in The Mono Lake Story film.

Top photo courtesy of John Dittli.