A person in a blue jacket sits in the dry grass and talks to an Iphone which is propped up on a tripod.

Mono Lake Moments video series

When the Covid-19 pandemic began earlier this year, the Mono Lake Committee education team began producing Mono Lake Moments—short videos that bring the Mono Basin’s sights and sounds to you at home.

Scroll down to see videos from much of the year, and then check out the Mono Lake Moments tag to get caught up with the rest of the year’s Moments!

Nora, Rose, Santiago, and other staff have made more than 40 videos you can watch when you get homesick for Mono Lake, and we’ll be producing more throughout the fall and winter too. Keep an eye on our Videos page and our YouTube channel to see them premiere.

September 2020
• September 28, special video: Celebrate 26 years of Mono Lake’s protection
• September 26, special video: Join us to celebrate on September 28th
• September 23: Candid Mono Lake Moment update

August 2020
• August 11, special video: Birds & Blossoms in the Bodie Hills

July 2020
• July 31: Return of the phalaropes
• July 17: Giant blazing stars at Black Point
• July 10: The LA Aqueduct: Part II
• July 9: El acueducto de LA: La segunda parte
• July 3: Lundy Canyon views and flowers

June 2020
June 26: Summer thunderstorm
• June 24: Serene spring along Lee Vining Creek
• June 19: Zoomed in on brine shrimp
• June 17: Majestic Mono Lake Osprey
• June 12: Panum Crater
• June 11: Panum Crater y los volcanes
• June 10: Peaceful pond
• June 3: Black Lives Matter

May 2020
May 29: Mono-Tuolumne watershed divide
• May 27: Trout and about on Lee Vining Creek
• May 22: The LA Aqueduct: Mile zero
• May 21: El acueducto de Los Ángeles y Mono Lake
• May 20: Birdsong among the aspens
• May 17: A quiet sojourn at the lakeshore
• May 15: Meet a few high desert wildflowers
• May 13: Reflections on the Public Trust doctrine
• May 8: Birds and birdsong at County Park
• May 7: El estado del Lago Mono y la gente que vive aquí
• May 6: Fresh foliage at Mill Creek
• May 1: The ecology of peak streamflows

April 2020
April 29: Peaceful morning above Mono Lake
• April 24: Mono Basin tree identification for Arbor Day
• April 22: Celebrating Earth Day at Mono Lake
• April 21: La ecología y la geología de Mono Lake
• April 17: Nature journaling at Mono Lake
• April 15: Los Angeles Aqueduct history in the Mono Basin
• April 10: Geology overview of the Mono Basin
• April 8: Stormy afternoon at Mono Lake
• April 3: Discussing Mono Lake’s level
• April 1: Lee Vining Creek

March 2020
March 27: Mono Lake Q&A
• March 25: Talking tufa
• March 24: Introducing Mono Lake Moments

Find all the other Moments we have filmed here at the Mono Lake Moments tag on our Videos page. You can also view the entire series on our YouTube channel. We hope the Mono Lake Moments help you enjoy some peace and tranquility during this difficult year.

Top photo by Rose Nelson.