Snowy tufa towers and mountains loom in gray greed rippling lake water.


The DeChambeau Pond water is filled with golden brown and green grasses and plants, with the snow covered Sierra Nevada mountains behind it.

Pipeline upgrade restores water to DeChambeau Ponds

After months of community collaboration, planning, and work on the ground, water is once again flowing to the DeChambeau Ponds. Long cut off from inflow by broken-down infrastructure, the restoration of flowing water will benefit waterfowl and wildlife in the…
A woman crouches at the gray blue edge of Mono Lake and looks out towards the large black rock outcropping on the opposite shore.

Third-driest water year on record

At the Cain Ranch weather station five miles south of Lee Vining, where precipitation records go back to 1932, the 2020 water year was the third-driest on record. Only 47% of average precipitation, or 4.92 inches, was measured at that…
Green grasses line the still pond water, which reflects the light blue and pastel pink sky.

DeChambeau Pond #2 makes a full recovery

Throughout August, DeChambeau Pond #2 had a low water level, limiting its value to the wildlife that enjoy the US Forest Service (USFS) managed DeChambeau Ponds. On September 1st, USFS staff discovered that an unauthorized adjustment had been made to…