Snowy tufa towers and mountains loom in gray greed rippling lake water.


A view across an open snow-covered mountain valley spotted with pine trees to three alpine peaks above the tree line with rocky crags and the bright light and blue shadows of a sunset under a bright blue sky, with the middle peak being Mount Andrea Lawrence.

We want to hear your Andrea Lawrence stories

In a typical year at this time we would be reminding you to buy your tickets for the Andrea Lawrence Award Dinner. However, this is not a typical year, and due to COVID-19 we will be moving our celebration of…
The back of a red bus with a canoe on the roof and a Mono Lake Sticker drives down the road towards the lake.

Dean William Taylor, 1948-2020

California lost an extraordinary botanist recently. Dean was known for his Flora of Yosemite Sierra, and was working on an update of A Flora of the White Mountains. David Gaines and I met Dean when students at UC Davis in…
A huge orange full moon hangs in a purple sky and is reflected over the blue-purple water of Mono Lake.

Ringing in 2021: Stories may save us yet

This essay, written by Kristine Zeigler, appears in the 2021 Mono Lake Calendar. Please, stop what you’re doing and hop in. I am going to take you to Mono Lake, one of North America’s oldest lakes, transporting you with my words…
Great Basin Spadefoot Toad with dark spots on light tan skin sitting in some rocks and grass.

Hanno pa’mogo miahoo? Where have the frogs gone?

Editor’s note: Joseph Lent, a Native descendant of the Bridgeport and the Mono Basin Paiute people, is the author of this post. He originally wrote it for the Mono Basin Historical Society; it is published here with permission. Kootsavi-gwaytu; the…