A brown and gray bird perched in small twigs, the background is blue.

Chautauqua registration opens April 15

Here are five important things you need to know about this year’s Chautauqua: Chautauqua registration begins at 6:30am PDT on Friday, April 15. Be sure to check out the newly updated schedule online as you select your programs. We are expecting high demand for…

Hundreds of small shorbirds bathed in golden light, in flight, on the shore, and in the water at Mono Lake in front of tufa towers.

7: The birds of Mono Lake

The Mono Basin is an oasis for hundreds of species of birds, many of which rely exclusively on alkali flies and brine shrimp for sustenance. The lake is critical habitat for California Gulls, Eared Grebes, and phalaropes. Learn more about…