Hoar frost clings to pine needles on a branch that holds a now open cone.


Thin electrified fence stretched along the shore of Mono Lake.

Dusting off the gull protection fence

California Gulls at Mono Lake can’t catch a break. Another drought year and a legacy of excessive water diversions are increasing the threat of coyotes crossing the emerging landbridge to Twain Islet and reaching vulnerable eggs and chicks during the…
People looking through binoculars in a boat surrounded by smoke.

Pulling weeds at Mono Lake: It’s for the birds

On a recent August morning Mono Lake Committee staff boated out to Twain Islet to hand-pull invasive Bassia weeds to protect critical California Gull nesting habitat at Mono Lake. This was the second season, after a prescribed burn in 2020,…
Scientists with the USGS working in a boat with research equipment beside it in Mono Lake.

Mono Basin research ramps back up

As the world closed down in March 2020 in response to the worsening coronavirus pandemic, research groups working in the Mono Basin also packed up and went home. Though a few people were able to return later in the year…
Two people stand along the shore of Mono Lake with snow capped mountains large in the frame behind them.

Another drought year for Mono Lake

Hydrologic forecast shows lake level dropping into risky territory As California enters another year of drought, the Mono Lake level forecast for the 2021–2022 runoff year is in, and the outlook is not good. The lake is projected to drop…
Hundreds of small shorbirds bathed in golden light, in flight, on the shore, and in the water at Mono Lake in front of tufa towers.

7: The birds of Mono Lake

The Mono Basin is an oasis for hundreds of species of birds, many of which rely exclusively on alkali flies and brine shrimp for sustenance. The lake is critical habitat for California Gulls, Eared Grebes, and phalaropes. Learn more about…
2 people sit in a small gray motor boat on the still, dark green water. On the right side of the boat, fence posts stick up out of the water.

Original coyote fence removed at Mono Lake

In late August last year, California State Parks and the Mono Lake Committee joined forces to remove the remains of the 1980s-era coyote fence that once protected Negit Island’s nesting California Gull colony. Taking advantage of the low lake level,…