Hoar frost clings to pine needles on a branch that holds a now open cone.


Wild horse activity at South Tufa

Last winter, wild horse activity sharply increased at and around South Tufa, with upward of 100 horses regularly seen on the trail to Mono Lake, near Navy Beach, and at the freshwater spring along the shoreline. Wild horses used to…
A paved road lined by pine trees, a yellow sign warning of horses is on the right.

Wild horse herd reaches South Tufa

Wild horses, previously seen rarely and only in remote parts of the Mono Basin, have experienced rapid population growth in the past five years—so much that they have expanded far beyond their home territory near the Nevada state line and…
Tufa towers stand tall in turquoise Mono Lake water, with snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountains behind it.

South Tufa area at Mono Lake has reopened

After a months-long closure, the South Tufa area and Navy Beach have reopened. These two popular visitor locations along Mono Lake’s south shore were closed in mid-August when the Beach Fire was ignited by lightning. The fire was contained after approximately ten days, and…