Hoar frost clings to pine needles on a branch that holds a now open cone.


Mono Lake Committee staffer standing with their back to Mono Lake talking to a tour group, tufa and scattered clouds are in the background.

South Tufa tours offered daily

The Mono Lake Committee continues our decades-long tradition of offering South Tufa tours this summer! Join us on your next trip to Mono Lake where a guide will introduce to you to the natural and human history of the Mono Basin. You’ll explore the fascinating geology of the…
A crowd seated outdoors, a panel stands in front of them with a microphone.

Manzanar Diverted screening a success

The film tour of Manzanar Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust kicked off in Lee Vining last week on Wednesday before continuing south, following the Los Angeles aqueduct to Bishop, Big Pine, and ending in Lone Pine on the weekend. The…
Stylized art of water moving through reeds with Manzanar Diverted, When Water Becomes Dust written over it.

Manzanar Diverted film screening

Join us next week, Wednesday, July 7 at the Solar Pavilion in Hess Park for an outdoor screening of Manzanar Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust. Arrive by 7:30pm for a panel discussion with Charlotte Lange and Kris Hohag, moderated by…
Phalaropes perch on a low tufa surrounded by water.

The 2021 Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua: A virtual success!

Last weekend, bird enthusiasts and Monophiles came together from across the country—and even the globe—to virtually celebrate the annual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua. The Chautauqua team was impressed and humbled by the number of Chautauquans who attended the presentations after…
An alpine lake surrounded by granite with blue skies.

Earth Day 2021: “Restore our Earth”

Every year the recognition and celebration of Earth Day seems to become increasingly more important. This year the theme of Earth Day is “Restore our Earth,” which echoes the Mono Lake Committee’s mission of protection, restoration, and education. While Earth…